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The VA – a bloated tick – Part 2

Posted in VA on January 3, 2017 by Jon Spencer

Well, I gave the VA a couple of weeks (due to the holidays) to move my info from Texas to Tennessee.  I called today and spoke with the reps in Memphis.  After explaining what I needed a few times, I was able to get verification I was in the system in Memphis.  Ms. Davis in the New Patient Department said my info was in the system, so all I had to do was call the local VA clinic and they would set me up with an appointment.  I asked the woman (Ms. Davis) if she was sure this was correct, because last time I was told I had to call them back to finalize the process.  She said, “No, just call the clinic directly and they will get you setup.”

So I call the local clinic, and guess what, they say I can’t be seen yet b/c a primary physician has not been assigned to me yet.  The good news, Mr. Shamam submitted a request to Memphis to get this assignment done and said I should be able to call back Friday (3 days) and hopefully have a doctor assigned.  At that point, it will be just a matter of getting an appointment.

Not as bad as I had expected, and might be a bit nit-picky, but again, you talk to 3 people in the VA, expect to get 4 different answers.  Would have been nice when I was talking to Ms. Davis if she would have taken the time to review my file to ensure everything was in order, but of course she pushed me off as soon as possible.  Hopefully part 3 will be coming shortly and I will be able to report the VA was quick and efficient in getting me in to see a doctor.